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Horace Rawlins

The first United States Open championship conducted by the USGA was held on the nine-hole course of the Newport (R.I.) Golf Club on October 4, 1895, during the same week and on the same course as the first United States Amateur Championship. They had been scheduled for September and postponed because of a conflict with the America's Cup yacht races.

Ten professionals and one amateur started the 36-hole, one-day competition. The winner, scoring 91-82-173 with the gutta percha ball, was Horace Rawlins, an English professional who had come over in January to be an assistant at Newport. He was 21. There were five money prizes: $150, $100, $50, $25 and $10. Rawlins also won a $50 gold medal and, for his club, the Open Championship Cup, presented by the USGA


Starts - 14

Best Finish - Winner 1895

Rds - 50

Cuts Made - 13

Top 3 - 2

Top 5 - 2

Top 10 - 3

Top 25 - 10

Avg. - 81.00

Scores In 60s - 0

Rds Under Par - 0

Earnings - $250.00