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Willie MacFarlane

Willie Macfarlane tied Bob Jones at 291 - seven over par - and they had to play off twice before Macfarlane won at the Worcester (Mass.) Country Club in June. In the first playoff, both scored 75s making the first time a playoff, too, had ended in a tie. Jones went four strokes ahead on the first nine of the second playoff, but Macfarlane caught him with a 72 to Jones' 73.

The Scot, who wore glasses and represented the Oak Ridge Golf Club, Tuckahoe, N.Y., had scored 74-67-72-78 in the championship proper, and had been one of five, including Francis Ouimet, Johnny Farrell, Leo Diegel and Walter Hagen, to come to the final hole with a chance to win or tie. His 67 was a new low. Preliminary elimination rounds were held at three points: Long Beach, N.Y., Lake Forest, Ill., and San Francisco, California and the entry record jumped again to 45. The championship proper was the last condensed into two days.


Starts - 17

Best Finish - Winner 1925

Rds - 60

Cuts Made - 12

Top 3 - 1

Top 5 - 1

Top 10 - 2

Top 25 - 6

Avg. - 77.02

Scores In 60s - 1

Rds Under Par - 1

Earnings - N/A