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Past Champions


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Olin Dutra

Olin Dutra, of the Brentwood Country Club, Los Angeles, California reversed Goodman's procedure in winning at the East course of the Merion Cricket Club in Ardmore, Pa., in June. His 76-74 in the first two rounds left him eight strokes back starting the final 36 holes. Among the 17 men ahead of him were nearly all the great professionals of the times.

On top of this, he was seriously upset by a stomach ailment. Yet his strokes on the last day were true as a surveyor's measure through all of Merion's hazards, and he caught and passed the pack with rounds of 71 and 72 for 293, - 13 over par - to lead Gene Sarazen by one.


Starts - 13

Best Finish - Winner 1934

Rds - 45

Cuts Made - 10

Top 3 - 1

Top 5 - 1

Top 10 - 3

Top 25 - 8

Avg. - 75.22

Scores In 60s - 1

Rds Under Par - 2

Earnings - N/A